about ben

My name is Ben Crosby. I am a (fairly) new dad living outside of Boston, MA. I have a wife, a daughter, a rabbit (which I wish was a dog), and no dog. I do have a full heart and a love for life. My true passions surround being a dad, getting outside, mountains, water, skiing, photography, music, and cooking for my wife.

This is not a weight loss blog. With that said, weight loss was the drive pushing me to publish this blog. I have always been overweight. Throughout my entire life it has been a struggle and something that has plagued my ability to realize my potential. When I say potential, I do not just mean a target weight, but the ability to live the life my mind and spirit wants to live. Whether it was being ridiculed and mocked as a young boy, or having my body hinder me from doing the joys my mind and being wanted to pursue, weight has been a drag. I have lost weight, and I have gained it back. I have tried things that worked, and gained it back. I have been super motivated and I have given up. Thankfully I have a solid faith and a rock solid wife to help me realize my self worth. This background leads me to now.

My wife recently purchased a scale from a black Friday sale. We have not owned a scale because we feared it becoming something that we would obsess over and in turn, cause us to go crazy. Despite this, we realized if we wanted to set and obtain health and weight goals, you kind of need a scale. I stepped on the scale on December 1, 2019 and was shocked. I have always been a big guy but I was not prepared to see the number staring back at me. Because of this I decided to get real and consistent, to hold myself accountable, and to share with others my journey and other ways I am trying to be a better Ben.