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weekend away and weekly reflections: 9/22 – 9/29

https://foxtrot.michaeljfox.org/fox-trot-virtual/Benjamincrosby Change in weight (9/22/20 – 9/29/20):  -1.8 LBS So I went to Nantucket for the first time this weekend. My wife and I went away, without our daughter, for the first time since she was born (2 years in a week). This, my friends, felt weird. But, it was really nice. It was nice …

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5k prep: update

This morning I got out a dawn to do a prep run for my 5k and to map out my route. I had one goal that satisfied two ends for me. I wanted to run about 2/3 of a 5k to see how it felt and I wanted to run farther than I have before. …

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