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North River. Norwell, MA

My wife and I do the best we can to get out and about with our daughter on the weekends. My wife works every other weekend in the medical field so when we both are home together, we really try to make the best of it. This winter has been super warm in MA and as much as I hate that (I’m a skier), it is nice to be able to get out and do walks that would be harder if it was cold and snowy.

This weekend our goal was to get a walk in together Saturday and I might go disc golfing Sunday to get my dose of fresh air. These are in addition to my planned stretching or indoor workouts. Getting out does so much for my wellbeing. I feel better physically and a feel better mentally. The fresh air just helps me feel alive and content.

It was chilly and damp this morning but that made the walk no less enjoyable. Harper LOVES being in the backpack and walks like these are a sure way to get her to giggle and chatter the whole time. She took particular enjoyment when I would run along the path, bouncing with each step, and I could hear her saying “go go go” behind my ear every time I slowed down. We let her walk the first short segment and were entertained as she navigated her new Bogs boots. Side note… It is amazing how hard it has been to find boots the right size for her. Harper was an early walker and we had a such a hard time finding winter boots that would work for her movement and walking ability in a small enough size. Seems kind of silly to me.

Anyway, I find it fascinating to watch the mind of a child. You can see how they take in their surrounding and process all this information with every step. Each stone, leaf, branch, and puddle was an analysis. I find it a cool practice myself to try to shut out some of the distractions and try to see the world how my daughter might. What would I think the first time I heard a leaf crunch under my foot? Or how would I react feeling new and different surfaces under my feet? It really makes you realize how brave and incredible the mind of a child is. Also, what do you think goes through their head as they experience a true beauty for the first time? A cascading creek or a sunrise. I have found that spending time in nature with my daughter helps me to reconnect with the little things.

This particular walk was in Norwell, MA and the Norris Reserve. It borders part of the snaking North river, which is a tidal river. The greater Boston area is awesome when it comes to parks and reserves. There are many places that help you forget you are within 20 miles to a major city. This reserve is one of those places. For a boy who finds his heart in the mountains and wilderness, places like this give me the peace to simplify the thoughts in my mind, the avenue to introduce my daughter to the beauty that is around us, and the joy of sharing this experience with my small family.

Today was a day for the betterment of the soul. To remember and appreciate what we have around us. The walk was a great way to get some steps in and get the heart moving, but it was really a way to build and reinforce the joy of family. If you care to, leave a comment below and let me know how you work on yourself, not just in a fitness manner, but in a heart, mind, and soul manner. What re-centers you?

3 thoughts on “weekend things

  1. Mom

    Love this! Looks amazing and I am happy you can all de-stress and enjoy the beautiful areas that are around you. Little Harper looks so happy too!


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