weekly reflections: 3/17-3/23

My change from last week –

Change in weight (3/17/20 –3/23/20):  -0.6 LBS

I should start this post off by saying that I feel great! Just in general. I woke up and my body felt good, my mind felt good, and my general spirit was lifted. Why is this, Ben? I don’t actually know. Though I can make some guesses. According to numerous studies, and this one (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1470658/), exercise has a measured impact on mood and mental health. And this isn’t just some blogger telling you (intentional sarcasm), but these are peer reviewed studies that have come to these conclusions. So that is my hypothesis. I got a lot of activity in this week, and I think it is paying off. And I also lost a little weight. It wasn’t the amount I was hoping for to get me to 30 total pounds lost, but it was still a decrease. For that, I am excited and grateful.

I hit my 5 workout target this week and it felt great. There is one particular coach on my Peloton, named Robin Arzon, who I have grown quite fond of. Not only is she a total boss and kicks your butt, but she is super motivating and makes you feel like a champ while you are doing it. I know some people can find the motivation to push through on their own, but for me that coaching truly helps me hit levels I wouldn’t on my own. I did a few rides with her this week that pushed me beyond where I have been in a while. These felt amazing and one of my rides I hit a new personal record. I also burned a ton of calories on them.

In addition to the rides, I sought to get outside for some walks in the woods. This is helpful for me now as we are going through social distancing and this new, surreal, normal. I feel trapped pretty easily and now that I am working from home, home doesn’t feel like the escape from work it once was. So getting out is the avenue that helps me clear my head.

I found my first full week of working from home to be challenging. I was able to get a good amount of movement and activity in, but getting used to the easy access to food and the feelings of stir-craziness is hard. Monday and Tuesday were days I did well. I only ate when I was hungry, and was disciplined. Wednesday and Thursday were different. Have you ever had those days where nothing satisfies your hungry or desire for food? That was those days for me. I tried so hard, but my need for snacks and food was insatiable. I did not do as well those two days. I need to anticipate these. Maybe try to get out for a walk when I am having those moments. Not only will that move me away from the food, but also get my body moving.

I need to continue running with these good feelings. I need to take the motivation from my activity and help it transfer into my motivation for keeping strong and disciplined with my intake. Does anybody have tips they use to help them with this? I would love to hear some ideas. Anyway, I am at 28.8 total pounds lost and can hit -30 by next week. I feel good, I feel strong, and I am continuing to focus on those things I have control over when the world around us seems to be out of control.

My sister inspired me with some advice that works for her. She suggested getting more specific with the activities that I am striving for. Instead of saying “5 workouts”, say the exact workouts you want to do. So below I am starting to get a little more detailed with my plans. Eventually I would like to map out my calendar with the class, coach, time, and everything in and around my works schedule.

How did I do on last weeks action plan?:

  1. 5 workouts. These can include runs, rides, or strength – Attained. I did 5 Peloton rides this week
  2. 3 work walks – Attained
  3. 2 additional outdoor activities. This can include walks with my daughter, disc golfing, skiing, etc. – Attained. I did 2 – 2.25 mile walks in the woods with my daughter in the backpack
  4. 3 dedicated stretch sessions. Must be at least 5+ minutes per session. – Not attained. Did 2 dedicated stretch sessions
  5. Track every bite. – Attained
  6. Drink 10 glasses of water per day. – Not attained. Did not drink as much as I would have liked

Action Plan

  1. 5 workouts. 2 HIIT Rides, 1 full body strength, 1 low impact ride, and 1 other of my choice
  2. Plan out my meals and stick to them
  3. 2 additional outdoor activities. This can include walks with my daughter, disc golfing, skiing, etc
  4. 3 dedicated stretch sessions. 2 10-min lower body and 1 10 min full body
  5. Track every bite
  6. Drink 10 glasses of water per day

Please stay tuned for more updates. If you have been enjoying this, please become an email follower or a wordpress follower. Having this public audience has been a positive motivation for me to continue working towards my goals and so I really am thankful for all of you!

DateChange in Weight
12/2*-5.4 lbs
12/9-5.4 lbs
12/16-3.4 lbs
12/23+2.8 lbs
12/29-1.2 lbs
1/6-1.4 lbs
1/13-1.6 lbs
1/20-1.4 lbs
1/27+0.4 lbs
2/3-1.2 lbs
2/10-4.6 lbs
2/17+0.4 lbs
2/24-1.6 lbs
3/2-3.2 lbs
3/9+1.8 lbs
3/16-3.2 lbs
3/23-0.6 lbs
* I first weighed myself on a Sunday night and began the regular weigh-ins the following morning


2 thoughts on “weekly reflections: 3/17-3/23

  1. Sara Cleaver

    Hey Ben!

    So happy to hear how good you are feeling. My thought- what’s your water intake like? When I feel totally insatiable I’m either 1) bored and just keep going back to food or 2) actually thirsty. I basically only drink seltzer water so I have a sodastream (this is basically my equivalent of feeling like an upper class peloton betch… you can imagine how adult I felt when I bought one), and that thing is a dream. If you like seltzer water I highly recommend one- it helped me stop drinking soda entirely because all I craved was some cold liquid carbonation! Sometimes I even drink it instead of beer! OMG! This may be totally not helpful and you’re probably like yes sara I’m not an idiot, I drink water. But my thoughts nonetheless!


    1. Hi Sara!

      Thank you. I think you are definitely right. There were a few days where I was not drinking enough water and that definitely could have contributed to my need to eat everything. I actually have a super old soda stream, but have been lazy about getting a new canister for it. I should do that because I also looove the bubbly water. And I guess it makes sense as I am a straight up peloton betch….. though not upper class (maybe someday).

      I appreciate you commenting! It is nice to get the feedback and it is good for me be accountable to others!


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