5k prep: update

My selfie game is weak. Somebody coach me.

This morning I got out a dawn to do a prep run for my 5k and to map out my route. I had one goal that satisfied two ends for me. I wanted to run about 2/3 of a 5k to see how it felt and I wanted to run farther than I have before. If you do not recall, a couple years ago I ran 2 straight miles in the Heady Trotter in Vermont and intervaled the last 2.

This morning I ran 2.2 straight miles. I felt great. I could have pushed farther but I stuck to my plan. I ran 2.2, walked .5, and then I ran another .5 miles. I feel like running a complete 5k is closer than ever and I am planning to run it next Friday at dawn.

To remind everybody, I am running this race for a cause. This race supports Parkinson’s Disease research through the Michael J. Fox Foundation. My support page is here. I wrote about this in a previous post as this disease is personal. My father has it and I know many who’s family’s have been impacted by this cruel illness. Some of you have already donated to my effort and for that I am ever so grateful! If anybody else feels moved, please visit my fundraising support page.

Each and every step of my training for this 5k means a step in support of my health and in support of my father.

My wife and I are getting away for the weekend so I may be quiet on social media. Please check out my instagram @a_better_ben and give me a follow. I will be back with a weekly update on Monday.


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