trotting for turkey, thankful, and needing better follow-through

I ran my first Turkey Trot… but more on that down below. First, I hope all of my U.S. readers had a wonderful thanksgiving. I extra hope it was restful and full of love. Now a quick note on thankfulness. I find that taking an effort to count our blessings and to be thankful, can not just improve our outlook on life, but it can also grow our humility… a necessary trait to be a good friend, neighbor, and human. I will now list off some easy things to be thankful for and some things that may be hard, or take effort to realize what I am thankful for.

I am thankful for my family, friends, and loved ones. I feel my support network is unrivaled and for that, I can not give thanks enough. I am thankful for my faith, that I can find strength in the arms of a loving God when I feel week. I am thankful for health, that although I am trying to improve my health, I am upright, walking, and continue on day after day. Some that I thought harder about… I am thankful for the recent struggles with my health journey, as they have helped me to take things less for granted. I am thankful for the outcomes of some family health struggles, as I am more attentive to those whom I love the most and I should ever have been ‘less’ attentive. I am thankful for how difficult and frustrating the world is right now because it makes me want to be part of the solution.

I encourage us all to take more time to be thankful for the things that come to mind first, but also those we have to think longer and harder about. Even to seek out those things we don’t want to admit we are thankful for. Nobody else needs to know, this is for us.

Back to the 5k. I was visiting my sisters down in Maryland and we decided to do a turkey trot 5k. I am so happy I said yes. What a great way to start the day! In addition, I ran it with my dog and it was his first time running with me. That caused a couple difficult spots, doggy bathroom breaks and him only making it 2.25 miles, but overall it was awesome. The best part was my 4-yr old daughter running to me when I finished and telling me how proud she was of me. That, my friends, just hits different. 🙂

Running, to whatever speed or rhythm it takes, has become something I really enjoy. This 5k was not straight through. I ended up doing some walk intervals, but who cares? This was for me. I plan on signing up for the Boston Athletics Association 5k and 10k in 2023. I want some of that unicorn swag!

Lastly, in my last post I said I would be updating with a training plan. And I didn’t! I still don’t have one! But I have not forgotten. Here is the start. This week I plan on doing the following:

Monday (Today)-Run
Wednesday-Peloton Ride and morning weights
Thursday-Run and morning weights

If I can do more, I would like to. I want to get that peloton routine locked in again, but baby steps.

Have a great week, folks!

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