ride the motivation wave

Some people will tell you that weight loss or a fitness plan is easy. Some people will say it is hard. One thing I have learned is when people tell you that it is something simple or easy, they are not doing it justice.

On paper it is all easy. Just do step 1, 2, and 3. Duh. How is that hard? Well when we account for the interactive effects of the human condition, things get a bit spicier. I am a jumble of confused emotions and feelings. I make no sense. I can tell myself to do something or not do something and then go and do exactly the opposite. If I could always do what is prescribed in ‘easy’ 1, 2, 3 terms, that would be awesome. That just doesn’t always work. But when things are going our way, we need to capitalize on that.

What do I mean when I say to “ride the motivation wave”? I mean exactly what I say.

Monday came and it was the start of a new week. I lost a little weight and was feeling good. But on top of that, I was feeling like I had a hop in my step. There was a little more energy and a little more optimism in me. My workout felt good and I realized I need to crush this week while I feel this good.

If we do it right, we make incremental change that becomes habit. Since last December, I have done just that. My ‘low and slow’ method has become a routine that is manageable and produces small change in the right direction. I love that. The routine rolls on with eating and exercise. General movement has increased and is just natural. BUT, if I have a week where I feel great, let’s take advantage of that. That is this week for me.

So far I have not had less than 80 active minutes each day this week, and that is while having a sedentary job. I have done a couple 45 minute workouts, strength classes, and just upped my overall movement. With this does come increased appetite, and that is okay. I am not necessarily viewing this week to loose a ton of weight, but I am just trying to take advantage of the good feelings and get stronger, make myself proud, and work to be better in some facet of my life.

So to you I say, “If you are feeling good, get at it!”. Do not let these opportunities go wasted. We live in a world that does not give us much free time and that loves to steal our energy. Make good use of it when you have it.

Have you had a day or week recently where you just felt right? Do you take advantage of these moments? Will you now?


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