tough week, crushing goals, and weekly reflections: 4/20 – 4/26

change in weight (4/20/21 – 4/26/21): –1.0 LBS

You can have a bad week, feel like crap, crush goals, feel great, back slide, and move forward all at the same time. Our goals, our aspirations, our lives, they are complex and these feelings above often times stem from individual aspects of our goals and situation. With that said, this past week was stressful as all hell, sucked, and also was fantastic because I continued to crush my goals. I ate like crap a few days and I ate great a few days. I had some fantastic active days and some not so fantastic days. But I kept going. The bigger picture prevailed.

My wife went back to work this week and COVID shut down daycare. So the juggling of my work, my wife going back to work, the kids, childcare, and everything else with parenting was too much at times. As such, there were moments where I reverted to old habits and ate my feelings. Thankfully, there were more moments where my discipline and routine took over. I was very good about tracking (and tracked even when I went overboard) and I kept to my workout plans. Put all that together and I sit here happy.

My week was reflective of real life. There were ups and downs and it did not always go to plan, but the bigger plan prevailed!

I added crushing goals into the title because I am crushing goals! With all the ups and downs, I am still doing it. I ran a 5k this morning! I planned on running 2 miles, as I mentioned in last week’s post. So this morning I ran and got to 2 miles, but was feeling good so I told myself to get to 2.5. At 2.5 I said, “get to 2.75”. At 2.75 I said “let’s finish this”. I did it. Check that off the list for April. And on top of that, I dropped another pound. I am 1.6 pounds from getting into the 270s! That was the other goal for April and I think I can do it.

This spring has been a rollercoaster of emotions. Trying to continue my betterment journey with a newborn and a growing family has tested my will and determination. It has also exploded with optimism and joy. This past week was a snapshot of this broader spring. All the ups and downs. All the laughs and cries. And a person in me who continues to get better.

Does my optimism come off fake? I try to be honest with you all and be real about both the highs and the lows. I would love some feedback!

April Goals:

I have a couple goals for April. I want to run a 5k again. The weather is nicer and I want to get that 10k done later this year. First step is to get those running legs back under me. The next goals is to drink a gallon of water every day. I have been horrible about water intake (unless we cheat and count coffee as water). Enough said on this one. Lastly, I would like to drop below 280 by the end of the month. 60 pounds lost is right beyond my fingers and the 270s are a mere few pounds more. I can do it.

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Action Plan:

Every day goals:
1.1 gallon of water
2.Track every bite
3.20 Body weight squats

Daily goals

WalkWalkWalkWalkNo WalkWalkWalk
Low impact RideUpper body Strength and stretchPower zonePower zoneStretchRideStretch and recovery
Meal PlanMeal PlanMeal PlanMeal PlanMeal PlanModest takeoutMeal Plan

Meal plan denotes sticking to pre planned meals we shopped for.

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DateChange in Weight
12/2*-5.4 lbs
12/9-5.4 lbs
12/16-3.4 lbs
12/23+2.8 lbs
12/29-1.2 lbs
1/6-1.4 lbs
1/13-1.6 lbs
1/20-1.4 lbs
1/27+0.4 lbs
2/3-1.2 lbs
2/10-4.6 lbs
2/17+0.4 lbs
2/24-1.6 lbs
3/2-3.2 lbs
3/9+1.8 lbs
3/16-3.2 lbs
3/23-0.6 lbs
3/30+0.4 lbs
4/6-1.6 lbs
4/13+0.8 lbs
4/20-1.8 lbs
4/270 lbs
5/4+2.4 lbs
5/11-5.2 lbs
5/180 lbs
5/25-1.0 lbs
6/1-1.2 lbs
6/8-0.4 lbs
6/15-0.8 lbs
6/22+0.8 lbs
6/29-1.4 lbs
7/6-2.4 lbs
7/13+2.4 lbs
7/20-1.6 lbs
7/27-0.4 lbs
8/3-1.2 lbs
8/10+0.4 lbs
8/17-1.4 lbs
8/24-1.4 lbs
8/31-0.2 lbs
9/7-0.6 lbs
9/14-1.4 lbs
9/21+0.2 lbs
9/28-1.8 lbs
10/5-0.2 lbs
10/12-1.0 lbs
10/19-1.0 lbs
10/26+0.8 lbs
11/2-1.4 lbs
11/9+2.0 lbs
11/16-1.8 lbs
11/23-0.4 lbs
11/30+0.2 lbs
12/7-0.2 lbs
12/14-1.2 lbs
12/21+1.8 lbs
12/28+0.8 lbs
1/4-1.2 lbs
1/11-0.4 lbs
1/180 lbs
1/25N/A – no weigh-in
2/1-0.6 lbs
2/8+1.6 lbs
2/15-1.2 lbs
2/22-0.4 lbs
3/1-1.0 lbs
3/8-0.6 lbs
3/15-2.2 lbs
3/22-1.2 lbs
3/290 lbs
4/5-0.8 lbs
4/12-2.2 lbs
4/19-1.6 lbs
4/26-1.0 lbs

One thought on “tough week, crushing goals, and weekly reflections: 4/20 – 4/26

  1. Your optimism does not come off as fake. I totally get it. When I’m doing well with eating and working out, everything seems to be going so much better, and I always feel happier and ready to take on my next workout. When results are consistent, I tend to feel better about myself. Enjoy the optimism you’re feeling.


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