looking back to move forward:

Letting my past be the guide for my future

I recently launched back into writing to you all. I have found myself thinking back to what was. Thinking about my prior success and, at time, dwelling too much on the lack of recent success in my health journey. But I need not dwell on my lack of weight loss, my stress, or my lack of confidence. I need not because I have been there before and I know how I have overcome it. SO I am looking back to move forward.

A couple weeks ago I posted about the past year and what has brought about my current reality. It has not always been the hardest pill to swallow. I have done things I said ‘I will never do again’ or ‘I’ll never go back.’ I said I would never let myself get back over 300 pounds, yet here I am. I said I would stop using food to feed my mental health situation, yet I am doing that multiple times per week. I have stopped weekly weigh-ins and have let it be an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ type of thing.

So I am going back. Because I have been there and I learned how to overcome it. I have reviewed one of my earliest posts about dealing with the scale. Going over my five tips: 1) It is my week for one week only. 2) The number does not define me, but I can define it. 3) It can be frustrating. 4) Knowledge is power and I can use it to learn from. And 5), it is better than being surprised.

It is helpful to go back through this. To remind myself that I was in this mental place before and I found success. So I will do it again!

I also look back to see how darn successful I can be. When I ran my first 5k, I was over the moon. You can see it in my eyes. It was a defining moment in my journey that helped me understand a love for running, a thirst for breaking down barriers, and a drive to prove myself I am capable of more

Dwelling only on our past failures does not benefit us. It is important to remember, to learn from, and to use our misses to guide our future, but not for us to let control us. No. We need to remember what we are capable of. We also need to remember that we can always exceed what we previously thought was our best. I know that I have succeeded and I will continue to.

See you at the gym, or on a walk, or on the hill.

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